April 2012 Partnership Communiqué

The York ASD Partnership Facebook page www.facebook.com/YorkASDPartners is a valuable resource for information on autism spectrum disorders.  We are working hard to grow this online community, but need your help and support.  We encourage everyone to visit the page, ‘Like’ it, and join the conversation by sharing interesting insights, asking questions, and posting relevant information. To help generate even greater awareness, you may want to consider posting a status update on your Facebook page about the York ASD Partnership to encourage your own friends to ‘Like’ the page.

All organizations are encouraged to provide a reciprocal link from your websites to the York ASD Partnership website: www.yorkasdpartnership.org

Hosting an Event?

If you are hosting an event and would like to have the York ASD Partnership provide an exhibit or presentation on our work and community model we would be happy to accommodate your requests.

We would be pleased to promote your events via our website, facebook and regular electronic communications.  Please send notices to Neil Walker – nwalker@kerrysplace.org

Autism Speaks Canada Grant

The York ASD Partnership was successful with their proposal to Autism Speaks for funding to provide ASD Training to all intake workers at organizations across York Region.  $25.000.00 has been received towards this project.  (See Professional Development Work Group below)

Several other funding proposals have been submitted including proposals to:

United Way York Region

Magna International


GoodLife Fitness


Ministry of Children & Youth and Ministry of Community and Social Services Supportive of York ASD Partnership systems change.

Directors and managers of both ministries met with a contingent of professionals and parents representing the York ASD Partnership in January.  The ministries will continue to collaborate with the York ASD Partnership as changes to the service systems are implemented.

Work Groups Making Progress

The implementation of our Strategic plan includes the following work groups:

  • Mapping and Pathways (Access)
  • ASD Professional Development
  • Assessment and Screening
  • Physician Support
  • Communications (Awareness campaign)
  • Systems Change
  • Transition Planning

Steady progress towards our goals through the work of each Working Group is being achieved.  Each group will ultimately produce recommendations for systems change that will achieve the Partnership’s ultimate goal of enhancing the current system of supports in York Region for people with an ASD and their families.   These recommendations will be collected and formulated into an implementation plan by the Systems Change Work Group using a logic model template.    Please see attached Logic Model Map.

The Terms of Reference for each Working Group are posted on our website www.yorkasdpartnership.org

The Mapping & Pathways Access Working Group has designed an Access Pathway and is currently negotiating roles and commitments with key gateway service providers.  A comprehensive chart of available services in York Region has been developed.  The Mapping & Pathways Work Group is currently working with York Region 211 to turn this into a searchable data base.

The Screening and Assessment Work Group is developing protocols for the use of standardized assessment tools and red flags screening tools for both diagnosis and intervention planning purposes.

The Transition Planning Work Group is developing a transition planning protocol for York Region utilizing currently mandated planning tools.

The Communications Work Group has developed awareness tools and communications systems including our new website at www.yorkasdpartnership.org and our facebook page.

The Professional Development Work Group is developing training plans for intake workers and front line support providers.  Funding from Autism Speaks will make this possible this year.  Please hold the Phase I training dates below.


Topic: What every worker needs to know about Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dates: June 20,2012

          September 18, 2012

Registration will open in May via our website yorkasdpartnership.org

Location: CEC North at 130 Carlson Drive in              Newmarket

Target Audience: Intake Workers, Consultants and Front Line Staff supporting people with an ASD in York Region organizations.

Fee: – Free of Charge to York Region Organizations

The Physician Support Work Group is currently on hold pending work by other committees.

If you are interested in participating in any of the work group’s membership remains open.  Please contact Neil Walker, York ASD Partnership, Project Manager via email at nwalker@kerrysplace.org or info@yorkasdpartnership.org

ABA-based Services

The ABA-based services are being delivered jointly by Kerry’s Place Autism Services, York Central Hospital Behaviour Management Services of York and Simcoe, Kinark Child and Family Services and Children’s Treatment Network of Simcoe York.  Service targets were met for the fiscal year.

The development of the new ABA-based services will facilitate several goals within the York ASD Partnership strategic plan, including the development of short-term supports for behaviour management and emotional regulation skill development,  coordinated access and shared electronic records, parent and professional collaboration, additional of service components to the continuum of supports, resources for navigation, person directed planning and transition planning.

Expanding the York ASD Partnership Membership

New members have joined the York ASD Partnership.  Welcome to Rita Singarayer of Community Living York South, Julia Schiller, of Muki Baum Treatment Centres, Victoria vanHemert and/or Thomas Oshaugnessy of the Central Local Integrated Health Network.