Grant Received

NEWS! ~ York ASD Partnership receives a $75,000.00 Grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation.

2016 OTF Seed Grant Announcement (pdf)

The York ASD Partnership is a collaboration of organizations and parents working together to enhance the system of supports for people with ASD and their families in York Region since 2008. The York ASD Partnership has accomplished many system improvements in the children’s service sector. For a listing of our accomplishments visit or

The York ASD Partnership will continue making improvements in the children’s service sector. At the same time we have recognized the need to broaden our focus to enhancing services systems for adults with ASD and their families, measuring the impact of our work and expanding the reach of our collaborative partnerships. To support our future work the York ASD Partnership submitted a successful application to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for a one year Seed Grant. The Children’s Treatment Network of Simcoe/York acted as the charitable, not-for-profit host for the application and also provides over-sight for the York ASD Partnership finances. The funds and project activities will be managed by the York ASD Partnership.

The severe lack of supports for adults with ASD has been the focus of much recent attention across Ontario. Reports by multiple sources have identified the significant crisis in services for the adult population resulting in higher demands for crisis mental health supports.

How will the funds be used?

The grant project which will begin in July, 2016, will include:

  • completing a York Region adult services needs analysis;
  • engaging all relevant parties in a community planning process;
  • engage adults with ASD in the planning and needs identification process;
  • the development of a comprehensive community based strategic plan that will identify enhancements to the current system and map the future of services and supports for youth and adults with ASD in York Region;
  • establishing working groups to address specific areas of need;
  • the development of outcome evaluation strategies to measure the impact and success of our plan.

The plan will address existing challenges such as:

  • ensuring that the transition for children and youth into adult supports and services is seamless;
  • ensuring that youth and adults with ASD are participants in planning and implementation;
  • ensuring that supports and services exist to meet the needs of youth and adults with ASD and
  • enhancing the connection between youth and adults with ASD and their communities, resulting in better quality of life.

For more information about the work of the York ASD Partnership please contact: Neil Walker, Project Manager, at