Request for Proposal

NEWS! August 2016 ~ RFP for YASDP Strategic Plan July 2016 (2)Revised
Deadline for submission: September 9, 2016 via email at:

The York ASD Partnership (YASDP) is a grassroots collaboration of York Region Service providers, educators, health professionals and parents dedicated to improving the service system for people with ASD and their families.  More information about YASDP can be found at  The first Strategic Plan was first developed in 2009/2010 and has been updated several times. The Steering Committee has determined that a full review and revision of the Strategic Plan is required.

The Request for Proposal
YASDP is seeking to undertake a Strategic Planning process that will create a structure and action plans the next five years that ensure the Partnership remains responsive to a changing environment, positions it to leverage opportunities, and mitigate challenges as they arise.  Towards this end, the Strategic Planning process will engage:

  • People with ASD and their families to determine their aspirations, challenges and the necessary conditions for change;
  • Service providers to determine their goals and requirements to fully participate as a contributing member of the YASDP;
  • Existing planning and coordinating tables in York Region to ensure integration across initiatives;
  • Volunteers including parents, people with ASD and community members, and
  • Funders and other key stakeholders to determine mutual opportunities for partnership and leverage.

READ the full document Request for Proposal : YASDP Strategic Plan