York ASD Partnership Strategic Planning Community Consultation Day May 29, 2017

The York ASD Partnership (YASDP) is a grassroots collaboration of York Region Service providers, educators, health professionals and parents dedicated to improving the service system for people with ASD and their families. An initial Strategic Plan was first developed in 2009/2010 and, with numerous revisions and updates, it has directed the work of the YASDP.  In the fall of 2016, the Steering Committee determined that a full review and revision of the Strategic Plan was required.  As a result, the YASDP has sought to undertake a Strategic Planning process that will create a structure and action plans for the next five years and ensure the Partnership remains responsive to a changing environment and is positioned to leverage opportunities and mitigate challenges as they arise.  Towards this end, the Strategic Planning process has engaged:

  • People with ASD and their families to determine their aspirations, challenges and the necessary conditions for change;
  • Service providers to determine their goals and requirements to fully participate as a contributing member of the YASDP;
  • Existing planning and coordinating tables in York Region to ensure integration across initiatives;
  • Volunteers including parents, people with ASD and community members, and
  • Funders and other key stakeholders to determine mutual opportunities for partnership and leverage.

On May 29, 2017 with funding provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the YASDP hosted a Community Consultation Day.  Invitees included key representatives from York Region adult and children’s service providers; from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) specific and non- ASD specific service providers; and from individuals with ASD and from their families. The focus of this consultation day was on services for adults with ASD but there was, and continues to be, clear recognition and acknowledgement that there is still significant work to be done within the children’s service sector.

The goal of this community consultation day was to review the current state of services for adults with ASD, identify the concerns and barriers to effective service delivery in a number of areas including housing, employment and day programs, transitions, crisis services, health care, postsecondary education, and quality of life and to give the participants the opportunity to identify the priority goals in each area.  Additionally, ongoing issues in the children’s sector were identified and prioritized.

Over 100 members of the service provider and service consumer community in York Region participated in this planning day.

View Opening Remarks & Introductions (6 minutes)

In addition to participation in the focus groups, participants benefited from the following keynote presentations:

Leann Smith, PhD, University of Wisconsin: Post-secondary outcomes for adults with ASD, a 10 year longitudinal study and findings on new interventions for youth and young adults including supports for families. See the video of Dr. Smith’s presentation (40 minutes) Review Dr. Smith’s slides

Kathryn Everest, Consultant to the York ASD Partnership: An overview of the results of interviews with services providers, individuals with ASD and parents of individuals with ASD and meetings with community planning and coordinating tables conducted over the past six months. Review Kathryn’s slides York ASD Partnership Results & Stories

Kelly Casey, Independent Facilitator “Building Community and Enhancing Engagement”: See the video of Kelly’s presentation (29 minutes) Review Kelly Casey’s slides

Stacey Feldt, Self-Advocate with ASD. With enthusiasm, humour and grace, Stacey shares her own and her family’s experiences with services in York Region. See the video of Stacey’s presentation (28 minutes) Review Stacey’s slides

The work of the YASDP in the development of this new Strategic Plan continues.  Watch this site for more information as it becomes available.

Our Future: Children, youth and adults with ASD in York Region living to their full potential at home, at school, at play and at work.

For more information or to become involved contact York ASD Partnership at yorkasd@kerrysplace.org