About Us


We are a unique collaborative of community service-providers, government agencies, school boards, hospitals, advocacy organizations, parents and self-advocates working together to improve existing systems of support for children, youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders in York Region. See Our Partners

Vision: People with an ASD living to their full potential at home, at school, at work and at play in York Region.


  • Our aim is high but not unachievable.
  • Transformation of this magnitude requires systems change.
  • We have to work to achieve the same vision and work together from the same blueprint.

Implementation Plan

There are (3) broad phases of implementation:

  1. Disseminating and Resourcing the Strategic Plan
  2. Aligning with existing and on-going initiatives in York Region
  3. Resourcing and organizing for long-term strategies

Action Plan

  • Working Groups were established to drive specific action areas within the Strategic Plan.
  • ALL Working Groups have balanced representation of parents, local service providers and community stakeholders.
  • Leadership is provided through the ASD Steering Group. This committee will guide, direct and oversee goals within the Strategic Plan and lead the distribution of actions to be taken by each of the Working Groups.

Overview of Organizational Structure


  • Lead and liaise with steerage and operational support to the York ASD Partnership
  • Provide leadership to achieve the vision and goals identified in the York ASD Strategic Plan.


Recruitment of Parent Representatives on Working Groups: roles and responsibilities

  • Screening & Assessment
    • Clarify screening tool protocols and create system wide common protocol for assessment.
    • Explore and test models to coordinate and/or reconfigure resources to deliver a Single Plan of Care (SPOC).
    • Strengthen protocols and resources through transitional stages.
  • Communications
    • Raise awareness through media campaigns and presentations to the general public.
  • Mapping and Pathways
    • Provide information about ASD at every point of access.
    • Provide a directory of providers, services and programs.
    • Develop a “navigation” map of access points for parents and as a physician’s resource.
    • Develop a “Red Flags” for school age children.
  • Physician Support
    • Provide a 0-18 month development package about ASD and provide training on screening tools for physicians
    • Link physician’s training initiatives with the work of and training opportunities provided by the York ASD Partnership.
  • Professional Development
    • Coordinate training for intake workers.
    • Provide cross-sectional training opportunities and create an inventory.
    • Increase system capacity through the development of collaborative models and establish knowledge transfer.
  • Transition Planning
    • Develop protocols for successful transition planning across the lifespan of individuals with ASD.
  • Adult Services & Supports

    • Identify existing services supporting people ages 16+ living with an ASD in York Region.
    • Develop a “navigation” map of access points to both ministry funded and fee-for-service (private) providers.
    • Identify, organize and consolidate tools which support consumer decision making when purchasing services.
  • Systems Change
    • Track trends to guide system design.
    • Review other models within and outside of York Region.
    • Coordinate protocols that will improve the system and identify promising change management models.