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York ASD Partnership Strategic Planning Journey
Presentation to MCYS / MCSS Regional Office, Newmarket (April 6, 2017; 10-slide ppt)

Autism Spectrum Disorder Indicators for School-Aged Children (Jan 2016; 4 pg pdf)

Physician’s Referral Guide to ASD Access Pathway in York Region (Nov 2014)
Download as Physician’s Referral Guide (jpg) or Physician’s Referral Guide (pdf)
For more diagnostic resources from partner agencies please go to our Physicians Support Work Group page

New Diagnosis – How to Access Autism Services in York Region (Dec 2014)
Intake Workers Bookmark (pdf)
Developed by our Mapping & Pathways Work Group, this bookmark is simple to use and guides families with a new diagnosis to determine the most appropriate and efficient access point for services and supports. Also an invaluable tool for agency intake workers.

Transition Planning
Thinking About Transitions? tri-fold brochure (Dec 2014)
Transition to Adulthood (e-version, Dec 2014)
Transition to Adulthood checklist (6 pg pdf, Dec 2014)
For more resources from our Partner agencies, please go to our Transitions Work Group page

General Info Bookmark (Dec 2014)
General Info Bookmark (jpg) General Info Bookmark (pdf)
What is ASD? What Causes ASD? How many people in York Region have ASD? (front)
About the York ASD Partnership, our Goals, Plan, Future & Contact info (back)

York ASD Partnership: Our Strategic Plan


Suicide Prevention and Intervention – Adaptations for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The York ASD Partnership and the Mental Health Collaborative are pleased to offer this unique training program for trained Suicide Interventionists.

These 9 modules will offer those already trained as interveners for suicide prevention (ASIST or equivalent) a greater understanding of the unique needs and learning styles of individuals with ASD as well as strategies to adapt existing intervention programs to better meet these needs.

Click on this link and enter the password Prevention to access the 9 modules “ASD and Suicide Prevention: Understanding ASD and Strategies to Enhance Intervention”

York Region ASD Service System Certificate Training Course (2012) See a list of the reference documents used by the Professional Development Work Group in developing this course. Special thanks to Autism Speaks Canada for making this training possible, free of charge, to all York Region organizations.

Coming Soon: online modules from the 3 day training course “UNDERSTANDING ASD for MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS” delivered January 9, February 6 and March 6, 2015