ADULT SERVICES & SUPPORTS WORKING GROUP: for age 16+ living with ASD in York Region

New! Saturday Support Group for Young Adults with ASD
Bi-weekly starting January 10, 2015 in Richmond Hill
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Work Plan ­ February 2014 – June 2015


  • Adults with ASD, their families, agencies and the public in York Region have the information they need to access funded and fee-­for­-service providers
  • All Partnership working groups have representation regarding Adult Services

Deliverables by June 2015: Building on the work of the Transitions Work Group in their document Transition to Adulthood Checklist:

  • Identify existing fee­-for­-service providers for adults with ASD living in York Region
  • Identify existing public access directories
  • Invite & facilitate service providers to self­-populate directories


  • ASD Partnership
  • Community Stakeholders

Meeting Frequency: Once per month or as required. Utilize e-­meetings whenever appropriate

Leadership model: Co-chairs

Decision making: Collaborative reaching for consensus

Monitoring/accountability/communication and reporting:

  • generate info for inclusion on the WEB
  • co-chairs attend & report to ASD Partnership bi monthly
  • Minutes posted on SharePoint

Alignment with Strategic Plan Phase III  (Sept 2013)

  1. Identify existing funded services & supports in York Region
  2. Identify existing fee-­for-service providers in York Region
  3. Build collaborative relationships among service providers
  4. Provide more resources for navigation & advocacy
  5. Increase the system’s capacity for person­ centred planning
  6. Track trends to inform system design
  7. Identify information/training opportunities
  8. Link, align & communicate ASD planning with other planning tables, activities & initiatives
  9. Communicate progress and new developments with self advocates, families and the broader community