Raise awareness through media campaigns and presentations to the general public


Establish awareness of the York ASD Partnership

  • With partners
  • With funders
  • With government (MPPs, ministries, etc)
  • With parents
  • With healthcare providers
  • With individuals diagnosed with ASD
  • With third party associations

Increase the distribution of the Partnership’s eNews distribution


  • Utilize media campaigns
  • Undertake presentations/road show to communicate value of the Partnership to key audiences and stakeholders
  • Utilize various communications tools to educate the public
    • For the public communication – VIA Autism Ontario York Chapter website and York Chapter eNews communication that goes out weekly.
    • Request that each partner post information about the partnership on their web site.
    • All agencies, boards etc, have newsletters. Prepare material and request that info on Partnership is included in them.
  • Increase public visibility for the Partnership at key events/conferences:
    • Get on the agenda for events and conferences attended by key audiences we are targeting.
  • Create a logo that has the organization name associated with the image so that it can be placed on partner sites; get logo usage template from Autism Ontario


  • Create an organization overview document (1 – 2 pages) that can be shared with the various partners. Needs to include an overview of the partners (1 paragraph) and details as to what role they are playing in the partnership
  • Officially launch the Partnership
    • Pre-launch press briefings
    • Press release
  • Media coverage re: ASD needs & York ASD Partnership goals
  • Quarterly communiqués to constituents
    • Each working group will provide a report using a standard template on things they have been working on so that quarterly communiqué can be prepared
  • Regular communications to partners with hyperlinks to SharePoint
    • Other CTN members who use SharePoint – they hyperlink in the announcement to the SharePoint site
  • Produce official Q&A
    • Questions raised at meetings need to be recorded and the working group needs to provide a response and submitted to communications. Communications to maintain/update the Q&A with the latest information.
  • Report on experience of families
    • Develop a list of scenarios on how things work today (pain points) and then compare that with how things are done today. Neil to take the concept back to the steering committee. May want to do a Survey Monkey survey; could also ask how many organizations they are currently working with (could have this go out from Autism Ontario)
  • Regular communications to Ministries (could include a breakdown of sections that outlines key items of interest to the various stakeholder groups).
  • Maintain partnership momentum and enthusiasm
    • Desktop background that says I’m committed to the partnership; Gelaskins


To Steering Committee and Full Partnership


Neil Walker, York ASD Partnership Project Manager,  Sarah Shaw, Autism Ontario, Jodi Echakowitz (Parent), Mandy Klein (Parent and person with ASD)


  • Neil Walker (Project Manager)
  • Alana Shields Barker (Parent)

Meeting Frequency

  • Once a month

Term of Commitment

  • 1  year


Minutes and all communication documents will be posted on SharePoint

Chairs will report regularly to the Partnership Group

Working processes/principles

  • Develop work plan to execute on strategy