Crisis Response

MHC ASD Crisis Intervention Suicide Prevention Report (June 2015, 75 pages)

From the joint working group of the Mental Health Collaborative (MHC) and York Autism Spectrum Disorder Partnership (York ASD Partnership), this environmental scan was the first step in the development of a comprehensive, community based, crisis/suicide prevention system for York Region:

  • Scan of Crisis Services for Children & Youth in York Region
  • Scan of Suicide Prevention Services for Children & Youth in York Region
  • Literature Review

Executive Summary … The mandate of the project was to undertake a scan of crisis management services for children and youth in York Region including the perspectives of users, service providers and other players alike.  In accordance with this line of inquiry, the work was also intended to comment on the level of suicide prevention strategies presently in place for children and youth across the Region.  The intention in both themes was to analyze relevant trends based on the scan and recommend potential strategies or recommendations for follow-up.  The project was also directly linked to a Literature Review exercise conducted at York University on the topic of best practices within high risk groups in terms of suicide prevention.  The detailed results of the Literature Review are included in the report.