Mapping and Pathways

New Diagnosis & How to Access Autism Services in York Region:

Intake Workers Bookmark (2 pg pdf, rev Dec 2014)

Intake Workers Bookmark - Front - Updated Dec 2 14Intake Workers Bookmark -Back - Updated Dec 2 14Developed by our Mapping & Pathways Work Group, the Intake Workers Bookmark is simple to use and guides families with a new diagnosis to determine the most appropriate and efficient access point for services and supports.

Also an invaluable tool for agency intake workers.





Terms of Reference for Mapping & Pathways Work Group


Provide information about ASD at every point of access
Support parents when they are navigating the system
Develop a map of access points and gateway agencies as a physician’s resource
Develop pathways and road maps for parents who have just received a diagnosis
Agree to a common approach for a continuum of care inclusive of crisis services
Inform common approaches through specialized knowledge transfer
Develop team approaches and reconfigure resources to create single plans of care (SPOC)
Develop comprehensive pathways and road maps for families

Deliverables: by December 2011

Access points and system gateways identified and disseminated to physicians
Funnel refined and posted for use (including adult services)
Link established with 211
Mechanisms for integrated services identified

Which Agencies/Services needed: ASD Partnership members

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly with option of teleconferencing –flexible depending on stage and needs

Leadership model: Co-chairs
Decision making: Collaborative reaching for consensus

Develop set of principles to guide decision making

Reference Documents, Standards, etc.: Strategic Plan, Funnel

Term of Committee members: Minimum 1 year

How will we evaluate?- Indicators of Success – Measures: Initial group discussion, develop evaluation framework (includes outcomes and measures)

Monitoring/accountability/communication and reporting:

  • generate info for inclusion on the WEB
  • report to ASD Partnership bi monthly
  • co chairs attend Tracking/Best practice Working Group
  • Minutes posted on SharePoint