Professional Development

York Region Autism Spectrum Disorder Service System Certificate Training Course June, 2012 – January, 2013. Special thanks to Autism Speaks Canada for making this training possible free of charge to all York Region Organizations

REFERENCE DOCUMENTS used by Professional Development Work Group


  • Coordinate joint training for intake workers. (2.2)
  • Create an inventory of training opportunities. (4.2)
  • Provide cross-sectoral training for service providers. (4.3)
  • Provide joint parent and professional development on successful collaboration. (4.4)
  • Use evidence-based knowledge to inform practices. (4.5)
  • Develop a curriculum for integrated, transdisciplinary work teams. (4.6)
  • Inform common approaches through specialized knowledge transfer. (7.2)
  • Increase the system’s capacity to provide person-centred planning.(9.1)


  • Identify the best methods of transferring specialized knowledge to service providers and families.
  • Using specialized knowledge transfer methodology
  • Develop training on coordinated plans of care, integrated service delivery and successful service navigation and advocacy
  • Ensure that these events are cross-sectoral
  • Source funding (grants, proposals, sponsors, fee for service, etc)
  • Ensure training information is available via the web at AO website, KPAS website, SharePoint (Calendar)and other agency websites
  • Develop intake worker training package
  • Deliver intake worker training 3X in first year (dates TBD)
  • Organize screening tool info/training session
  • Organize workshop on parent and professional successful collaboration that includes information on integrated service delivery models
  • Organize training on evidenced-based practices
  • Consolidate a resource on evidence-based practice including definitions and guiding principles and ensure they are posted on AO website
  • Review curriculum for training integrated trans disciplinary work teams (in collaboration with CTN), source expertise, and develop training
  • Coordinate community training for parents and professionals in PDP for children(families) and adults
  • Plan service provider training on successful transition planning, tools and techniques (in collaboration with KPAS and transitions work group (in community chaired by Andrew Walker)
  • Develop training and support for non-ASD agencies

Meeting Frequency

Proposed that we meet 1 time per month.

Term of commitment

When deliverables have been met


  • Sandy Stemp (Reena)
  • Frances Donovan (Kinark)


  • Alice Jara (YCH-BMSYS) co-chair
  • Marnie McDermott (CE Network of Specialized Care)
  • Maxine Share (Parent AS)
  • Lois Alderson-Wigelius (YRDSB) co-chair
  • Maria Paczek (YRCDSB)
  • Christine Grant (YSSN)
  • Scott Bark (Kinark)
  • Jodi Sherman (TRE-ADD)
  • Jamie Read (AO RCP)
  • Jonathan Weiss (York University)
  • Sheena Etemadzadeh (KPAS)
  • Ex officio – Neil Walker


This committee will have linkages to all the working groups as outlined in the Strategic Plan

Working Process/Principles

  • Develop a work plan based on staging and completing deliverables in a timely way, using longer but fewer  working meetings
  • Collaborate with existing training initiatives including AO (RCP), KPAS respite training, CER networks of specialized care, partner agencies training budgets
  • Create smaller defined tasks, and engage other expertise for assistance
  • Decisions regarding recommendations to the Partnership CM will be decided by consensus


  • This committee shall report directly to the ASD Partnership CM
  • This working group is accountable to all Adults and Children identified on any part of the Autism Spectrum

Reference Documents

Multiple documents will need to be referred to regarding how and what to be delivered to whom.  As these documents are determined they will be distributed to membership, and included on SharePoint.  Any public documents can also be shared on AO website.

  • National Standards Project – Addressing the Need for Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  • Evidence –Based Practices for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Review of the Literature and Practice Guide


  • The working group will use its own space in York ASD Partnership’s collaborative working space on CTN’s SharePoint website.  All working documents will be posted there.
  • Make use of KPAS Autism Training Website for advertisement and registration on upcoming workshops
  • AO website, and partner agency websites for advertisement of upcoming workshops, and any public reference documents
  • Will share info to be added to the quarterly public communication