Screening and Assessment

Evidence Based Practice Guide to Screening and Assessment (19 page pdf; Revised Oct, 2015)

The Screening and Assessment Working Group completed the “Evidence Based Best Practice Guide for Screening and Assessment”. This document has been endorsed by the York ASD Partnership members. This guide outlines the best practices for screening and assessment for preschool aged children, school-aged children and adults. It includes the Red Flags for School Age Children document which will also be available as a stand alone document. Work is occurring with our community partners including Autism Ontario to facilitate distribution of this guide.

This completes the work of this group.



  1. Develop consensus on definitions and best practice screening and assessment approaches
  2. Develop vision, principles and design of a system approach to ASD screening and assessment for children, youth and adults with ASDs
  3. Map current screening and assessment processes (using simple and complex scenarios)
  4. Draft and seek consensus on a common assessment protocol
  5. Draft screening protocol
  6. Design flow from screen to assessment to single plan of care planning, based on pathways for: developmental needs; family supports; diagnosis; and the environment (home/child care/classroom). This design incorporates wait list management planning.
  7. Seek agreement on a range of screening and assessment tools by domain
  8. Explore development of School Age Red Flags for Autism
  9. Build on CTN’s integrated team approach to develop a single plan of care


  • York Region Protocol on ASD Screening and Assessment
  • Work program for how to get from current map to the vision and implementation of protocol (including identifying and addressing gaps through reconfiguring current resources)


  • Mapping and Pathways (access pre and post diagnosis)
  • Continuum of services (that need to do the integrated planning)
  • Professional development (training on screening and assessment tools)
  • Physician Support; Transition Working Groups

Working Process/Principles

  • Identify and review best practices that lead to consensus on a common framework for screening and assessment, common language and shared vision
  • Create smaller defined tasks, and engage other expertise for assistance in additional sub-groupings


The goal is to draft the screening and assessment protocols by end of 2011.