Systems Change


Establish a framework for long term transformation of the system for sustainability.

Deliverables or Outcomes/Objectives

  • Track recommendations from all working groups and  guide the staging and adoption of  protocols and implementation plans with all partner agencies.
  • Document and align recommendations from all working groups regarding best practice models of support and services for people with an ASD.
  • Explore existing models of system change.
  • Identify a change management framework for York Region.
  • Develop a 1 page Logic Model to illustrate the vision of system flow from access to integrated service delivery.
  • Manage the required changes to current systems by addressing barriers to adoption of system-level plans.
  • Establish an evaluation framework that supports tracking of progress towards achievement of our goals using key performance indicators for each strategic goal.

Co – Chairs

Sylvia Pivko (Blue Hills)

Neil Walker (York ASD Partnership Project Manager)


Tracy Mansell,  Alice Jara, Sandy Thurston, Cathy Saul, Kim Thorn, Lynda Beedham, Vicky Merrilees, Chris Simmons-Physick, Sandy Stemp, Frances Donovan, Neil Walker,  Alana Shields  Barker, Sylvia Pivko, Lois Alderson-Wigelius, John Clarke


York ASD Partnership & Steering Committee

Proposed meeting frequency

Quarterly meetings

Term of commitment


Linkages (other work groups/committees)

All York ASD Partnership Work Groups

Community Groups –TBD


Records & Communications

Minutes and all documents developed by the Best Practices for Systems Change Work Group will be posted on Sharepoint.

Reference Documents